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When it comes to gambling transactions online, PayPal casinos are among the most recognised and highly regarded. Since its establishment, it has become one of the most dominant players in financial technology, serving millions of customers around the world. Read on to learn a bit more about the company and how you can use PayPal to handle your transactions with UK online casinos. 

Top PayPal Slots Sites in 2023

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Find the Best PayPal Slot Casinos with InsideCasino

PayPal is to e-wallets what VISA is to credit cards.  A founding member in the history of electronic payments technology that has allowed it to become one of the largest in the industry. 

The ubiquity of PayPal in the UK online casino market is one of the biggest pain points for a lot of British gamblers as the sea of choices becomes harder and harder to navigate over time. This, of course, is where InsideCasino comes in.  Our resources and experience in the industry allow us to deliver honest and accurate reviews of online casinos on these fair isles. 

How to Play at PayPal Casinos

Read our review

1. Read through our reviews.

Our PayPal casino reviews give you a detailed preview of what to expect from each casino before you even sign up, letting you skip the tricky guesswork.

Choose an online casino

2. Choose a PayPal casino.

It's usually a good idea to shortlist a handful of casinos before settling on one site that works best for your needs.

Sign up at any online casino

3. Sign up for an account.

The signup process for PayPal casinos only takes a few minutes at most, with some casinos offering PayPal Quick Registration for even quicker access.

Deposit and play.

4. Deposit with PayPal.

Once you've signed up, you can use PayPal to fund your account through the casino payment page.

PayPal Slots UK

Many gamblers in the UK are often after PayPal slots - which are, as the name suggests, slot games that accept PayPal.

However, UK PayPal slots is a bit of a misnomer as there are no slots that specifically accept PayPal. PayPal is simply a payment method you use to fund your casino account, and the only thing the slots games really look at is the amount of money in your casino account. 

There is no denying, however, that slots PayPal are some of the most popular game providers in UK online casinos. Some of the most popular PayPal slots casinos in the country include: 

If you want to look for the top casino site with online slots UK PayPal, check out our reviews of PayPal casinos, that our casino experts have done. 

How PayPal Works

From its humble beginnings as Coinfinity at the close of the '90s, PayPal has grown to a behemoth of a payment processor that covers just about every aspect of online real money transactions. 

At its core is the PayPal e-wallet, which serves as a convenient storage solution that you can use to easily send and receive money to and from online casinos, online retailers, or other PayPal users. PayPal has since expanded its capabilities over the years to give users more options for their transactions, both online and even offline. Some of these features include: 

Using PayPal at UK Online Casinos

PayPal has long been renowned for its ease of use compared to other online casino options. Never is this more evident than when making deposits and withdrawals through the platform.

PayPal transactions aren't all that different from other casino payment options.  Just select PayPal on the payment page and you will be taken to PayPal's website to log in, verify the payment details, and confirm the transaction.

Thanks to the Pay With PayPal feature, you don't even need to have any existing balance in your PayPal e-wallet as long as the account has been connected to a credit card or a bank account. 

PayPal Quick Registration

PayPal Quick Registration (also called 'Register with PayPal') is a new feature available at some UK online casinos like Red Spins Casino. This feature allows British players to directly sign up for an account at a new casino site with the credentials of their PayPal account, thereby skipping all of the otherwise important steps of entering your personal information when you sign up.

Another key benefit of this feature is that your casino account is automatically connected to your PayPal upon completion, so you can make a deposit as soon as you complete signup with no extra steps.

PayPal Casino Bonuses UK

PayPal casinos can offer a variety of bonuses depending on your budget range, game preference, and bonus preference. Check out our links below to get started on your search for the best casinos with the following types of bonuses:

Should you use PayPal for Online Slots Casino payments?

While PayPal is a great online casino payment option, for the most part, it isn't the best option for everyone. We've listed a few pros and cons of this payment processor so you can properly weigh your options: 


Fast transactions

PayPal is world-renowned for its transaction speed for both deposits and withdrawals; for deposits of all but the largest amounts, transactions through PayPal happen practically instantly.

Accessible and convenient

With the ability to be opened from any smartphone or tablet with the official app, as well as easy connections to your bank cards, PayPal is one of the easiest payment methods you can sign up for to start funding your online gambling sessions.

Broadly available in the UK

Any gambler in the UK who prefers to use PayPal will be pleased to find how many online casinos accept PayPal in the country. Any quick look through our catalogue will show you just how many options you have to choose from.


Relatively high fees

While PayPal transactions generally have no fees attached to them, you can run up to some serious costs as soon as you factor in foreign exchange rates.

Can't be used in other regions

Due to certain legal issues (especially in North America) PayPal is not very widely accepted by casinos that aren't based in the UK and jurisdictions with similar rules. 

No buyer protection

Among the many payment processor options available to you in the UK, PayPal is the one that is notorious for having issues with failing to protect gamblers after making transactions. While most gamblers will likely not encounter such issues, it can become a concern as soon as it begins. 

Alternatives to PayPal in the UK

Below are a few great alternatives you could look into if PayPal doesn't turn out well for you:

PayPal Slot Casino FAQs

Is PayPal available in the UK?

Yes, PayPal is available in the UK at several online Paypal slots sites. You can find the many great sites that accept PayPal through our list of reviewed online casinos here at InsideCasino.

How do I cash out with PayPal?

You can cash out with PayPal by initiating a withdrawal request through your online casino account's dashboard.

Alternative Casino Banking Options

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