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Among card issuers in the UK, Diners Club is a name that rarely shows up in conversation nowadays. However, at one point in its history, Diners Club was one of the world’s largest and most popular payment card providers—it was, after all, the very first. And on this page, we will be going through the company’s history and where it stands in the modern world of online payments.


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About Diners Club

Discover Bank has acquired Diners Club, making it a member of the Discover banking network. The vast majority of Diners Club credit cards are interchangeable with Mastercard and Visa. Any shop that accepts them as a payment method will have the same experience.

There are still many shops and online companies that accept Diners Club cards, although they are less common than Visa or Mastercard. That being said, Diners Club has been in the business for far longer.

The History of Diners Club

Diners Club, the world's very first charge card, was invented in 1950 by American businessman Frank MacNamara. The story of how Diners Club came to be is referred to by the company as "The First Supper." In this story, MacNamara and his wife were having dinner with clients in New York City when he discovered he had left his wallet at home in another garment.

His wife had no choice but to foot the bill for the meal, the embarrassment from which led Frank to develop the idea for a card that could be used to take the place of physical cash. With the help of a few business partners and friends, Diners Club was born, and Frank MacNamara would later return to the restaurant of "The First Supper" and paid for his meal with the Diners Club card—the first transaction that was made with a charge card.

Naturally, the concept caught on and Diners Club gained massive notoriety and success. At the height of its popularity in 1967, Diners Club was accepted in more nations than the United Nations had members at that time—over 130 nations, to be exact. 

Diners Club and Online Casinos

Using a Diners Club card in an online casino is quite similar to transacting with a Mastercard or Visa credit card. All you need to do is fill out the form with your name, email address, and phone number. For your convenience, we've done the legwork to create this list of UK online casinos that accept Diners Club cards. 

Alternative Casino Banking Options

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