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When it comes to the online casino scene in the UK, bonus packages are becoming increasingly important as a means of attracting new players and keeping them once they’ve joined. So, for an operator to survive and develop, these promos are extremely necessary.

When it comes to online casino games like online slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker, operators now know that most of their consumers will lose at some point. As a result, a lot of online casinos provide cash back deals to alleviate the pain. Cashback benefits may also be offered for making deposits in some cases.  The ultimate outcome is typically the same, regardless of the format.


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Types of Online Casino Cash Back Offers

Some casino cash back offers reward players for performing certain on-site actions. Unsurprisingly, these actions usually involve the act of spending money. For instance, a common practice is to offer cash back as a reward for making a deposit as part of a welcome package. Allow us to elaborate.


Welcome Cashback Offers

These offers give cash back in order to make a player’s first deposit more enticing. If you deposit £100, you receive 10% cash back, or if you deposit £200, you get 20% cash back. For the most part, these percentage offers are going to be quite little. In some cases, you might expect to pay as much as 50% of the advertised amount.


VIP Package Cashback

Many high-rollers and heavy spenders, online casino’s favourite customers, like seeking out VIP packages. As part of their perks and incentives, many VIP programs provide cash back options. With greater percentage rates and more liberal limitations, these agreements are similar to ordinary deals. It is possible to use them on a larger range of casino games and slot machines in some situations.

As a bonus, several casinos extend the grace period for cash-back offers. Like reload bonuses, some operators are reluctant to reveal details regarding their VIP programs. It may be necessary to wait for a promotional email to appear in your inbox before you can take advantage of one.


Loyalty Rewards Cashback

Operators that feature loyalty-point schemes sometimes allow their players to redeem points for cash. Although not casino cash-back deals in the traditional sense, they still allow gamers to claim money back. Points are usually acquired by playing casino games with real money. Once enough points have been collected, they can then be converted into cash with the funds usually immediately credited to the player’s account.


Net Loss Cashback

Although most cashback casino bonuses are given to players who have lost money over a certain period of time, this is not always the case. You should expect to see percentages in the 5-to-25 percent range, which is also capped at a maximum amount.

For example, for the first 24 hours after your first investment, you may get 20% cash back on losses of up to £150.

Cash back casino bonuses are sometimes only offered on specified days. Many Nektan white label sites, for instance, offer a 10 percent cash back promotion just on Mondays. Customers are more likely to play casino games on the weekends, so this is a smart strategy.


Game Specific Casino Cashback Offers

Certain cash back incentives are restricted for use on specific games, especially online slots. Say for example, that you’re offered 5% cash-back on daily losses arising from video slot, Starburst. You activate the offer and happily blow your entire £100 budget on Netent’s ubiquitous game. As a result, you’ll receive back £5. Not a king’s ransom, sure But it’s better than nothing right? Conversely, should you ‘strike it lucky’ and make a profit then you won’t be able to lay your hands on any cash-back.


Gamified Cashback Offers

Casinos are increasingly using gamification as a means of enticing consumers to deposit and play their games for a long length of time. Casumo is a pioneer in this area. Aside from depositing money, other on-site acts like as enrolling a debit card, playing a certain game, and winning tournaments are also recognized with points and/or prizes. Cash-back can be exchanged for some of these points or trophies in some situations. They might also come in the form of perks and incentives.


Finding the Right Casino Cashback Offer

UK gamblers (ourselves included) are big fans of cash-back deals. Thus, numerous special offers may be found on a casino’s website, generally in the form of a slider on the home page. The online casino’s promotional area usually contains all of their deals and cashback offers; otherwise, contacting their customer support team will usually get you the answers you’re looking for.

Often, all that is needed to qualify for a cash-back program is to register with a casino and make a deposit. Some online casinos, however, do have a specific program that you have to opt into in order to be eligible for the cashback incentives. Again, a bit of keen reading goes a long way here.


Tricks Behind Cashback Bonuses

At this point, we will need to go into the fine print. After all, the devil tends to hide in the details, and it can be very easy for the uninitiated to lose their hard-earned money to a loophole they overlooked. The following are some of the things you need to look out for before you take advantage of cashback bonuses.


Minimum Wager Requirements

Remember that wagering rules are generally represented numerically and indicate how many times a bonus and/or earnings have to be wagered before they can be withdrawn.

Say, for example, you receive a £50 casino bonus with a 20x wagering requirement as a “reward.” This means that you will need to spend an eye-watering £1000 before you can cash out any wins.

Of course, while this does tend to be the norm, there are some cashback offers that are a lot less demanding; that being said, their cashbacks tend to offer even less than our little example.


Minimum Deposit Requirements

A more common cashback caveat is the minimum deposit, in which players need to deposit at least a certain amount of money into their accounts to be eligible for the cashback. The key details you should look out for are the amounts of some of these deposits; some casino deposit bonuses require deposits of up to £100, which is a bit excessive.


Time Constraints

Some cashback offers will also have time constraints. For instance, some online casinos in the UK like to push out cashback offers on specific “happy hours” or certain days of the week. And knowing the classic casino trick of burying details in the fine print, it is very common for players to cash in only to find out that these offers had already expired days ago.


Word Salad

In certain cases, the terminology employed in casino promos is a little deceptive. There are some unpleasant truths to discover if you take a deeper look at the situation.

For example, consider this cash-back incentive:

‘Get 10% Cash Back on StarBalls Losses Up to £75’

At first glance, it doesn’t look too bad—at least, until you realize that you would need to lose at least £750 in order to get the maximum amount of that cashback offer.


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