The name roulette which comes from the French “little wheel” is one of the most popular and enjoyable online casino games.

Most casinos will offer a number of variants including:

  • Classic Roulette
  • Double Ball Roulette
  • Live Roulette
  • French Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • Premium Roulette

Single and multi-player modes are generally available and rules may differ between the variants.

Roulette Games Online

live roulette

Live Roulette

The number of players who have chosen to play Live Roulette games because of the added value of […]

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european roulette

European Roulette

The game of roulette has come a long way since the creation of the first primitive version, often […]

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Common Draw Roulette

Common Draw Roulette is one of a number of different versions of this popular casino game.

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Deal or No Deal Roulette

The Deal or No Deal Roulette casino game is based on the long-running television show […]

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Double Ball Roulette

Double Ball Roulette, from Isle of Man based Felt Gaming, brings something […]

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French Roulette

French Roulette is one of a number of different versions of this popular casino table game.

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NewAR Roulette

NewAR Roulette from Playtech brings more to the table. While the game is essentially the standard European roulette model there are a couple of unique bonus bets which nicely spice up the game.

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Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition, based on the standard European style of roulette, is powered […]

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Basic Rules and Betting Limits

The roulette wheel consists of alternating red and black numbered pockets. The number of pockets will vary depending which version the casino is using. The American system would generally use a wheel with 38 slots including a zero and a double zero while the European wheel has 37 pockets with one zero.

Although strategies and side bets will add an extra dimension, the principle of the game is straightforward – the player bets on the ball landing on a certain number or group of numbers. Players bet against the house and not fellow gamblers. Each player is distinguished by different colours of chips.

In roulette games, betting limits vary considerably which means conditions are ideal for the newbie who is just dipping his toe in the water or the more experienced player who is looking for high stakes roulette.

How to Play Roulette

The roulette game begins with a player placing a bet, within the house limits. Once all the bets are received the wheel is spun and the ball is rolled in mid-spin. When the ball has settled in one of the pockets and the wheel stops, the game is concluded by paying the winners or collecting the money for the house. Of course all the numbers are selected by a Random Number Generator (RNG) which, to ensure strict conditions of fair play, is licensed and tested by an independent 3rd party company.

Types of Bets Which can be Placed in Roulette

Bets which fall into inside and outside categories can be placed on one or more numbers whether it’s red or black, odd or even.

  • Straight up Bet – One numbered covered (inside bet). Payout odds are 35:1.
  • Corner Bet – Four numbers covered (inside bet). Payout odds are 8:1
  • Split Bet – Two numbers covered (inside bet). Payout odds are 17:1.
  • Line Bet – Six numbers covered (inside bet). Payout odds are 5:1.
  • Street Bet – Three numbers covered (inside bet). Payout odds are 11:1.
  • Even Odd Bet – Eighteen numbers covered (outside bet). Payout odds are 1:1
  • Colour Bet – Eighteen numbers covered (outside bet). Payout odds are 1:1.
  • High Low Bet – Eighteen numbers covered (outside bet). Payout odds are 1:1.
  • Column Bet – Twelve numbers covered (outside bet). Payout odds are 2:1.
  • Should the ball settle in the zero pocket the player can take back half of his bet.

The European version of roulette, with its fewer pockets, offers a higher probability of a win.­

Best Places to Play Roulette Online

It’s difficult to imagine that given the game’s popularity a casino would not have roulette on their list of table games. Given this huge and potentially daunting choice how does a new player decide which one to go for?

Many casinos now offer the play free Roulette option (some casinos call it the play for fun option) which is a great way to learn the rules and develop your own strategic approach to the game. When the time comes to sign up for a ‘live’ account and play for real money there are a number of things to consider. For example, while large welcome bonuses are very tempting the advantages are often offset by the rules around wagering requirements and cashing in your winnings.

Compare promotions and newbie offers carefully but look also at casino reputation, site security, customer service support and how quickly payouts are made. Most importantly take some time to read through the Terms and Conditions.

Summary of Roulette

Roulette despite its larger house edge (in comparison to some other table games) remains very popular. The basic roulette rules are easy to pick up, but after taking a little time to learn some of the strategies it becomes an absorbing, exciting game and of course potentially more profitable.

You can also play roulette casino games on PC, Android device and iPad and iPhone. Using 4g or a wireless connection is recommended.

Like the other casino games, roulette software is provided by a number of companies including:

While a few aspects like minimum and maximum betting levels and the number of game variations may be different, the majority of rules of the game remain the same irrespective of which software the casino uses. However, there are sometime additional more subtle differences in terms of the overall experience. The quality of graphics is one notable example but there are others worth checking out too.

The long-term average expected Return to Player (RTP) is 97.30%

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