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Skillzzgaming develops skill-based casino titles for casual and serious gamers. Based in Tel Aviv and certified by the UK Gaming Commission, the company was established back in 2014. Unlike many of its competitors, Skillzzgaming is a relatively small operation, employing less than 50 developers. However, as a testament to their programming nous, numerous major online casinos have started to offer Skillzzgaming casinos games.


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Skillzzgaming Background

Although it’s only been in the business for just three years, Skillzzgaming has managed to forge partnerships with major industry players such as Microgaming and Quickfire. As a result, the company has carved its own niche in an increasingly competitive industry. This is in spite of offering just three casino games: Mega Money Push, Fruit Blast and Gems Odyssey.

Skillzzgaming Casinos

Skillzzgaming’s impressive range of customers includes the likes of, LeoVegas, and William Hill. Being able to attract such illustrious names is no mean feat in such a crowded market. However, big-name operators have been quick to recognise the originality and uniqueness of Skillzzgaming’s tiny portfolio. Major developers such as Microgaming, Quickfire and Pariplay have also cottoned on to the company’s potential by offering Skillzzgaming games on their own platforms.

How to get started

Skillzzgaming casino games feature a well-adjusted mix of skill and luck. Although random number generators are employed for many aspects of gameplay, players have far more control of the final outcome than they do with typical games. So things like strategy, planning and reflexes all play a part in determining the RTP percentage.

Skillzzgaming first casino game is called Race to the Finish. By piloting vehicles including cars, boats and planes, gamers collect coins and power-ups in order to advance to different stages. Instant prizes and in-game bonuses are available throughout the game which can help to increase player winnings.

Fruit Blast is perhaps the most popular title from Skillzzgaming. It’s a match-three style game which bares more than a passing resemblance to Candy Crush. Gameplay runs on a 5×5 grid and requires players to manipulate symbols such as lemons, cherries and watermelons. Gems Odyssey is very similar, with players needing to match tiles in order level up and collect prizes.

Withdrawing in an Online Casino

Skillzzgaming games feature on cutting-edge platforms designed by companies such as Microgaming, Quickfire and Pariplay. As well as offering security, speed and ease of withdrawal, this kind of gaming software is developed to meet industry regulations and best practices. The same is true of wagering rules, withdrawal fees and bonuses, although these vary according to each casino.

Benefits of Skillzzgaming Software

Skill-based gaming has become massively popular, due largely to the influence a player can have on the eventual outcome and pay-out. However, Skillzzgaming’s games are slightly different in that they require a combination of skill and luck to succeed. Consequently, the gameplay is well-suited to online casino websites because they give a certain degree of control back to the player. Considering the randomness of most casino games, skill-based titles therefore offer a refreshing alternative.

Drawbacks of Skillzzgaming Software

The only drawback of the software is the distinct lack of titles – there are only three games currently on the market. Nevertheless, plans are already afoot for the release of more games in the very near future.

Best Skillzzgaming Casinos to Play At

We think LeoVegas is about the best best place to play Skillzzgaming games. Offering the popular Fruit Blast title, both websites feature slick interfaces and player-centric layouts. Other online casinos which operate their gaming software include:

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