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The potential to win life-changing sums of money from a single spin is the hallmark of the progressive jackpot, which is one of the reasons why UK casino players keep coming back to play for the win on these games. On this page, we will be breaking down this exceedingly popular variant of the classic casino slot game, as analysed by our expert reviewers. 


How do Progressive Slots Work?

Progressive slots are offered by the leading software providers to a wide network of online casinos. Among these are third-party platforms as well as partner operators. Every bet placed on this global network contributes a portion of the wager to the jackpot winnings.

In the beginning, this is funnelled into a single pot, but it progressively grows in size over time. Because of this, progressive jackpots in online slot games can be life-changing. This jackpot can be won with a single bet of any amount – previous winners of progressive jackpot slots have wagered as little as ₤2 or even less to win this jackpot. Larger bets, on the other hand, increase the odds of winning the grand prize slightly.

The industry’s leading developers are aware of the popularity of these types of online slot games. In addition to the prize pool, there are now several progressive slot versions. An excellent example is the Mega Jackpot series from IGT.



An easier way of understanding how a progressive jackpot works is to think of it like a lottery. Because the total jackpot amount continues to increase as more people play, the timing of when a player wins is also an important factor if one seeks the biggest possible jackpot. 


Top Five Progressive Slot Games

Currently, the UK market is overflowing with progressive online slot networks. It’s important to distinguish between those who deserve your attention and those that don’t. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top five most popular progressive jackpot games.


  • Mega Moolah – Microgaming
  • Mega Fortune – NetEnt
  • Divine Fortune – NetEnt
  • Mega Jackpots – IGT
  • Hall of Gods Mega – NetEnt


Largest Progressive Slot Payouts

NetEnt and Microgaming‘s progressive slot networks are arguably the most popular. In addition, their games are often regarded as the most generous in the industry, with the highest payouts ever paid out. 

For a long time, Microgaming’s Mega Moolah held the record. It has since been broken, though, by NetEnt’s Mega Fortune, which paid out more than ₤5 million. At one point, NetEnt also held the Guinness World Record for the greatest mobile payment, which was ₤7 million at the time of its release. Below are some of the most notable progressive jackpot wins in recent history.


John Heywood – Mega Moolah – £13 million

Soldier John Heywood won £13 million on the Mega Moolah slot machine in 2015. Because he played in 25p increments, his win was even more astounding. In addition, Mr. John Heywood, a novice gambler, only decided to play the game when he saw it advertised on the Internet. Until recently, his £13 million colossal win on a progressive slot machine was the greatest ever won.


Georgios M – Mega Moolah – ₤5.3 million

Greece can also boast a big jackpot winner called Georgios M, who managed to trigger a tidy sum of ₤5.3 million on a Mega Moolah slot game. 


Rawiri Pou – Mega Moolah – ₤5.2 million

Rawiri Pou’s life was forever changed after a fairly lavish Mega Moolah experience. Staking over ₤100 on the classic Microgaming progressive jackpot, he won ₤750, which Rawiri then bet all-in on the jackpot round. The full jackpot amount would land shortly after, and the rest was history.


Alexander – Mega Fortune – ₤7.2 million

Instead of Mega Moolah, the Swede with the single-barrel name won his millions on Mega Fortune. It was only after spending a fortune on NetEnt’s progressive jackpot network that he finally hit a prize approaching 9 million Euros.


Marcus Goodwin – Mega Moolah – ₤6.8 million

Marcus Goodwin was yet another lucky winner, this time taking home more than ₤6 million in cash. Mr. Goodwin’s fortune came from Yako Casino’s Mega Moolah, which he played. With his gains, he informed anyone who was willing to hear about his plans for a new residence and first-class travel in Africa.


How do I Play Progressive Slots?

It’s as simple as depositing money and wishing for the best.

On a more serious note, progressive jackpots can be incredibly addictive for certain people. Restraint and common sense are strongly recommended instead of recklessly spending your money like a drunken sailor. You’ll have a lot more fun this way.

You may also check out the rest of Inside Casino for news and reviews of the newest online casinos in the industry. Some of the most recent progressive slot games can also be accessed by scrolling up and looking for them through the menus.


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