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Win an Amazon Echo Dot at WDW Bingo


Win an Amazon Echo Dot at WDW Bingo

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21st June 2018


John Williams

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Feeling a little low after the beautiful Bank holiday weekend? We were too, so we’ve decided to run a caption competition on one of our sister sites, WDW Bingo. The winner gets an Amazon Echo Dot – no strings attached!

wdw bingo caption contest

How to Enter

  • First, head to the caption contest page at WDW.
  • Stare at the photo above for a few minutes while you come up with the funniest possible caption known to humankind. It can be one or two sentences. After all, brevity is the soul of wit…
  • Then write your caption in the comments section of the page. It could not be simpler!
  • Although there are no constraints on the theme of your caption, it cannot be inappropriate or offensive. Any comments deemed unacceptable will be removed and destroyed. And our word is final!
  • Likewise, the winner will be chosen by our office based upon the exact science of how hard we laugh. We repeat, this is not a random draw – the funniest caption WILL win!
  • When writing your comment, do remember to include your name and email address. Otherwise, we won’t be able to contact you to let you know that you’ve won, and find out where to send the prize. If you’re concerned about privacy – don’t worry! Your email address will at no point be publicly displayed on the site. However, your caption submission will, another reason to make sure it is as good as it can be.
  • The competition is open as of today, Tuesday 8th May 2018. The contest will close on Friday 18th May 2018 at 11.59pm. Late submissions will not be accepted, no matter how incredible they may be. On Monday 21st May, we will choose the winner after an office-wide consultation. The winner will be notified soon after.
  • Finally, the contest is subject to full terms and conditions which you will find on the caption contest page. These are entitled “Competition T&Cs.”

Good luck to all you budding comedians. Click the banner below to enter!

caption contest wdw bingo