Reload Bonuses

Like any promotions, casino reload bonuses are primarily designed to get gamers playing casino games. While this means a certain level of excitement for players, it’s pretty lucrative for the casino too. As mentioned elsewhere, operators are falling over themselves these days to attract players to their websites. The industry is becoming extremely competitive which is compelling online casinos to come up with ways of setting their platforms apart from their many rivals. Welcome promotions are among the most popular kinds of incentives and are an effective way of attracting new customers. They come in all shapes and sizes and often comprise free spins offers, cash back bonuses, no deposit bonuses and such like. In fact ‘new’ is usually the byword for online casinos, the owners of which usually set great stall in attracting fresh blood. Capturing a new registrant can say a great deal about a casino website, not to mention the promotion that attracted the player in the first place - and if that player has been poached from a competitor casino, so much the better. But online casino promotions aren’t always about attracting ‘new’ sign-ups. Most operators are quite keen on hanging on to their customers once they’ve registered, especially those who aren’t shy about parting with their money. And providing existing players with additional perks is the best way to go about this. This is where the casino reload bonus often comes in.

Casino Reload Bonus

Generally speaking, a reload bonus is an incentive offered to registered players who’ve already made some sort of deposit at an online casino. It’s a way for operators to say ‘thank you’ to players for spending money on their sites, while also ensuring that they continue to do so. It’s kind of like giving with one hand and taking with the other if you like. They also help to ensure that the gamer will remain on the casino’s websites instead of looking elsewhere. This is actually a win-win for both player and operator. The operator can look forward to even more money being deposited on its gambling platform while the player doesn’t have to spend much time shopping around for other allurements. In essence, a reload bonus is any kind of offer that’s peddled to players after an initial welcome promotion and therefore does not usually form part of any sign-up deal. To give you an idea of how they work, here are a few examples of the types of casino reload bonuses offered by virtual casinos.

Different Types of Casino Reload Bonuses

A reload bonus often comprises a match percentage of a deposit and is sometimes, but not always, lower than the percentage match offered with a welcome promotion. Many reloads are between 20% and 50% and have a lower cap. A typical example might be a 40% match of up to £40. However, some operators feature 100% deposit matches like some of those listed above. These are actually becoming increasingly common in the industry. Reload promotions don’t always include cash bonuses though. In a lot of instances, they take the form of free spins which can be used on selected games. A few operators really push the boat out by offering deposit matches and bonus spins.

Tiered Casino Reload Bonuses

A common ploy used by cunning casino operators is to offer tiered reload bonuses that grow as the player makes a deposit. These variants are actually part of a welcome promotion and cover second and third deposits. They tend to be structured the following way:
  • First Deposit – 100% match of up to £200
  • Second Deposit – 25% match of up to £50
  • Third Deposit – 50% match of up to £100
  • Fourth Deposit – 75% match of up to £200
Although most aren’t quite as elaborate as the above example, such packages are pretty common these days. For instance, many Nektan white label casinos feature similar deals.

VIP Reload Bonuses

Rewarding ‘loyalty’ as it’s become known in casino parlance is a very big deal for casino owners. And VIP packages are one way of satisfying loyal/stubborn gamers by offering them an array of perks and gifts.  Any VIP scheme worth its salt will include some sort of reload bonus for high-rolling gamers. Nevertheless, some extra digging is often required because plenty of operators, especially white-label outfits, can be quite shifty when it comes to providing details about precisely what kind of perks form part of their VIP offering. For example, a reload may be part of a ‘birthday gift’ or a ‘bespoke promotion’.

When Are Casino Reload Bonuses Made Available?

To encourage players to visit during the week, a fair number of casinos offer their reload promotions during certain days. Some are only available during certain hours as well. And to encourage feverish game-play, rather interesting time limits are applied which ensure that the gamer must deposit a certain amount of money within a set period to qualify. The best reload bonuses are those which are credited to a player’s account on a regular basis. These are among the most sought after incentives of all and tend to indicate that an online casino is quite willing to go the extra mile to ensure player loyalty.

Where do I Find Casino Reload Bonuses?

It’s always worth doing a spot of research when hunting for online casino promotions and reload bonuses are no exception. There are plenty of operators that offer them and it’s often just a case of navigating to their promotional suite to find out more. With that said, there are of course exceptions. Certain casinos will only divulge useful information about reload offers once you’ve registered – usually in the form of a promotional email. You can of course rely on Inside Casino for information about the best casino reload bonuses. In addition to this section, which includes some of the most competitive offers, we’ll let you know when we come across reload offers when conducting our online casino reviews.

Bonus Codes

For those of you living under a rock, bonus codes are random symbols, letters or numbers that can be used to redeem a casino promotion. They can apply to all manner of incentives such as free spin offers, deposit bonuses and reload promotions. Operators use them because they prove extremely effective at encouraging players to remain active on their websites. Normally, they can only be accessed by registered players. As far as reload bonuses are concerned, players sometimes have to work through other codes first before they’re offered a code for unlocking the reload promo. It may also be the case that certain conditions have to be met beforehand such as activating the casino’s welcome offer. An example of such a stipulation might be: Welcome Bonus 100% match of up to £300 (Use bonus code: CASINOWELBONUS1) Reload Bonus 50% match up to £200 (Use bonus code: CASINORELBONUS2)

Things to Consider With Online Casino Reload Bonuses

Like any online casino promotion, we can’t stress enough just how important it is to familiarise yourself with the small print before committing any money. The terms and conditions sometimes conceal some pretty horrendous stipulations that can render an ‘offer’ utterly worthless. If you assumed that cleverly-worded T&C’s were a thing of the past then think again. Despite the tightening up of regulations in the UK Gambling industry, ambiguous wording and spiteful caveats are still very much a reality in the iGaming sector. Website terms can also contain information that might put something of a dampener on a given promotion. With this in mind, here are a few things to look out for.

Excluded Payment Methods

The vast majority of quality online casinos will offer their players an assortment of payment options with which to deposit their hard-earned - kind of a no-brainer right? And yet, certain transaction services cannot always be used to activate promotions - Neteller and Skrill are typical examples. So before unleashing your chosen reload bonus, you may want to revise your depositing habits.

Wagering Requirements

OK, so we’re on to those pesky wagering stipulations again and for good reason. There’s simply no other term that can have such a profound impact on a casino promotion. Basically, wagering rules are conditions that must be met a certain number of times before you can withdraw any bonus cash or winnings arising from a certain promotion. So if you come across a £30 casino bonus with a 50x wagering requirement, you’ll have to spend £1500 before you’re able to withdraw any winnings. In fairness to online casinos, if they didn’t put these rules in place they’d lose money hand-over-fist. They’d also be more susceptible to money laundering scams. But fear not, because it’s not all doom and gloom. Wagering rates are sometimes lower with reload bonuses. And there are also a few examples of wager free reload offers. Yes, they do exist. This means that you’ve got a fair to middling chance of making some of your money back. Regardless though, make this particular T&C your priority when reading through the small print. It could save you a lot of time, money and effort.