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Microgaming Release Poke The Guy

Updated by Dale Shelabarger

Microgaming have released Poke the Guy, and you won’t believe your eyes…

If you find slot machines complicated, and the thought of spinning reels is positively daunting, then this new Microgaming release could be for you!

Poke the Guy is now available on Microgaming and Quickfire powered casinos including Casumo… you might want to check it out.

Rather than releasing a slot, the Isle of Man based business has crafted a truly bizarre, retro-style arcade game with a campy monkey man protagonist. If that makes absolutely no sense, then check out the promo video below.

How do you play Microgaming’s Poke the Guy?

Given that it isn’t a slot, and we’ve not seen a real money game like it, the first question is how does it work? The primary objective of the game is to hit “the guy” by catapulting various objects at him. Every time that you hit “the guy,” you win! How much do you win?

That depends on the object that you choose and how far you toggle each bet value. These are the items that you can choose between in order of ascending value:

Rubber Duck
Shrubbery (or tree?)
Bloodthirsty Piranha (or just thirsty – do fish drink water?)
A kitchen knife/ butchers cleaver (could do serious damage)
A pile of pink, radioactive sludge (melted ice-cream? raspberry poop?)

All you have to do is tap the slingshot and the object will propel forth, hopefully towards the guy. Bear in mind, this is a fixed odds game, not a skill game. Therefore, the firing of the catapult will be completely random, in line with the games’ RTP (Return to Player).

You won’t hit the guy every time, as he will dance and prance about the screen, ducking and weaving between semi-recognisable monuments. Microgaming call his poses more “comical… than the last.” The guy is certainly… enthusiastic.


When you do hit “the guy,” you will get the chance of a big payout with random multipliers of your bet. These can range from between x2 and x500!

What else is there to say?

Microgaming casinos say they just wanted to introduce some “simple, silly fun.” With an RTP of 94.89%, your bank account is not likely to have as much fun as if you played a video slot instead. It is certainly… unique. Get in touch with us by social media and let us know what you think of!

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