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Gate 777 World Cup Promotion

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Football World Cup has started! Many betting sites and casinos are taking advantage of this fact by launching their own promotions. However, in terms of simplicity, we think Gate 777 are onto a real winner.

Throughout the competition, they are holding four raffles during four different matches. As long as you make a deposit that day, you can enter the competition.
How does it work?

On the day of one of the raffles, deposit a minimum of £20. Then you vote for who is going to win. Everyone who votes for the winning team will then be entered into a raffle. The casino will draw the lucky winner and they get to walk away with a cash prize. That’s right, not bonus funds. Cold, hard cash!
How big are the cash prizes?

The further on in the competition the game is, the more valuable it becomes. The first match is worth £200. The second match is worth £300. Once you get to the semifinals, it’s worth £500. Lastly, the Final game is worth £1,000.
When can I Enter?

Unfortunately, we missed the first round which was Russia vs Saudi Arabia on June 14th. One lucky player took away the £200 cash prize after voting for Russia. However, there are still three other upcoming matches where you can enter.

Germany vs. Sweden – 23rd June – £300
Semifinals: 10-11th July – £500
Final: 15th July – £1,000

How can I enter?

Most importantly, you have to become a member of Gate 777 Casino. The site has one of the most convincing and well thought through themes out there; a luxury airline experience. If you want to read more about this excellent White Hat powered casino, then read our in-depth review here.

*There are of course significant terms and conditions. These include: 18+. Funded Players Only. Minimum deposit £20. Just one entry per person per match.

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Title : Gate 777 World Cup Promotion

Published Date : 21st June 2018

Author : John Williams