GambleAware Welcomes New CAP Celebrity Advertising Restrictions

By Ralph Trayfalgar, Updated:

GambleAware, one of the leading third-party responsible gambling firms in the UK and Australia, has welcomed the CAP’s (Committee for Advertising Practice) new advertising restrictions barring firms from using athletes and notable celebrities for promoting gambling products.

More specifically, the restrictions state that gambling advertising will not be allowed to feature high-level footballers and athletes with “particular appeal” to under-18s, celebrities from reality TV shows, and references to video games that are popular to under-18s. 

The new restrictions, which are intended for safe online gambling and prevent children under the age of 18 from being exposed to gambling goods, places particular emphasis on the wording of the new rules. The new rules now bar UK casino and betting companies from making adverts of “strong appeal” to minors (as opposed to ”particular appeal”); the change was done to expand the restricted content to related characters, imagery, and themes.

In their statement, Zoe Osmond applauded the new restrictions, stating: “It is absolutely right to take precautionary action to prevent gambling problems becoming established among children and young people, so we are pleased to see this proactive measure to protect under-18s from exposure to gambling adverts."

Osmond added: “We also are delighted GambleAware research led to these steps being taken. Our research, published in 2020, showed 94% of those aged 11-17 in Great Britain had been exposed to gambling adverts in the last month, seeing six adverts on average.  

“Nearly two-thirds of this group had seen gambling adverts on social media, while nearly half had seen sports teams, games or events sponsored by a gambling operator.”

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